Dear Readers (Old & New),

I have reposted what I believe represent be the very best of two-and-a-half years worth of posts from my old blog. I do this as a public service for law students everywhere who would rather read my random rants than their casebooks, for lawyers who want to bill a few minutes spent reading about fictious torts as "research," and for anyone else who can appreciate intelligent toilet humor.

The posts have been sorted by category, and many of them have been revised for style and content. Although I have retired the blog and do not anticipate posting anything further here, I am hard at work at finishing my upcoming book, provisionally titled Kick Law School in the Nuts, which will have plenty of new material. No release date has been set, but I would guess that it will come out some time in 2008, depending on how long the editorial process takes. In addition, feel free to check out my more philosophical blog, which I will continue to update (albeit infrequently).

Finally, some porn site snapped up my old URL for a month after I deleted the blog. So if you ended up with random beaver-shots on your screen during class, blame them. Or blame society - whatever floats your boat.

Fuck it,

Legally Intoxicated