Why I'm an Equal Opportunity Offender

I had the following conversation with Slutz following her argument with Justin Timberlake in the comment section [of my old blog]:

Slutz: "It's guys like him that perpetuate the glass ceiling."

Me: "Yeah, but I like the glass ceiling. The hot secretary on the floor above me never wears panties."

Slutz: "Wow. That's all I can say to that. Wow."

Of course, she made fun of Jews during dinner, which balanced out my misogyny. And really, that's what it's all about. Fuck political correctness, life is much more enjoyable when you can good-naturedly rip on your friends' ethnicity / gender / sexuality / religion / politics and whatever else the fuck makes for good humor.

You know what true diversity and tolerance is? It's not this bullshit environment where everyone has to walk on fucking eggshells lest someone be [gasp] offended. It's about not being a fucking retard* about things.

I'll give you a model of racial fucking harmony: During the 2L recruiting season, I was doing some interviews in Dallas, where one of my oldest friends, Pinche, happened to be going to med school. Since I was crashing at his apartment anyway, I decided to stay a couple of extra days and hang out with Pinche.

One evening, after discovering that we had run out of beer, we headed out to Fiesta - a Mexican grocery store that will sell you some crazy shit. For example, it's where the pledge class below me picked up what they need for a prank that involved placing a fucking pig's head in each and every bathroom stall in the frat house. Anyway, since Pinche happens to be Chinese**, I made a crack that we should pick up some dog while we were there. Rather than getting offended, however, he just responded that (since I'm Jewish), I'd probably be too cheap to pay for my half.

That's what it's fucking all about - not just being cool enough with someone's "differences" that those differences don't fucking matter - but also being cool enough with them to give (and take) shit for those differences like you would for anything else. Ripping on Pinche's ethnicity was as normal as giving him shit about the time (back in high school) when he got so wasted in Mexico that he started getting into arguments with inanimate objects...

Ah, memories.

Fuck it. And fuck political correctness.

* - And yes, I said "retard." Fucking deal with it.

** - Half-Chinese, half-Mexican to be exact.