It's Finals Time

I can't believe how quickly this semester just flew by. Wasn't I just buying books yesterday? Well, yes - but that's besides the point. Luckily, I only have two finals. Of course, this is because I mainly took writing classes, which cumulated in a 72 hour paper-writing binge that ended yesterday afternoon.

Anyway, since law school thrives on the competitiveness of the curve, students face a dilemma: How do you honestly say "good luck" to your friends? You want your friends to do well... just not as well as you. So last December I came up with an honest form of well-wishing:

"May you fall just below me on the curve."

You want to be number one, but you hope that the recipient of your good wishes is number two. It's the most genuine way that one law student can express their goodwill towards another at exam time.

Now, I've heard other people saying it too, so I guess it caught on. (That, or like the Theory of General Relativity, I discovered it independently and just thought I was original.)

So fuck it, back to work, and may all y'all fall just below me on the curve.