Missing an Issue (and Possibly a Kidney)

Fuck. Not five minutes after I left my Criminal Appeals exam did I realize that I had completely neglected to talk about sentence modification as a potential ground for post-conviction relief. Not that the fictional judge was likely to have granted it, as my fictional client had no fictional cards in his fictional hand, but fuck - I missed an issue.

I have two choices at this point. First, I can start studying right now for my last final and do my damnedest to get the top grade in the class to try and make up for my idiocy. Alternatively, I can get mind-blowingly drunk, have anonymous sex with a strange girl who looks remarkably like a hot Margaret Thatcher, wake up in Panama, tied-up in a bathtub full of ice sans kidneys, stow away on a ship passing through the canal while unaware that it's actually a pirate vessel bound for Indonesia, and spend the rest of my days pillaging fat merchants and using my three semesters of law school to revolutionize efficiency in the white slave-trade.

Is there a happy medium between these two extremes? Absolutely not.

UPDATE: As it turns out, I did get the top grade in my other class. And more importantly, I still have both of my kidneys. Fucking sweet.